Why Delta Forest

Why Delta Forest

The Eco Project Mission

Professionals in tree planting and forestry, Delta Forest Eco Project’s mission is to facilitate collaboration between companies wishing to finance tree planting projects and beneficiaries, to encourage them to actively participate in responsible reforestation of their forest areas, ensuring respect for biodiversity and the environmental microcosm in which this reforestation takes place.
The provision of funds or subsidies for tree planting aims to provide financial support to various stakeholders such as communities, individuals, forestry experts (forest owners), including municipalities.

The Objective

The objective of providing funding or subsidies for reforestation is to support beneficiaries to encourage them to actively participate in the sustainable and responsible reforestation of their forest areas.

The practice of reforestation or planting generates substantial costs, because it is imperative to take into consideration several essential factors to ensure sustainable development in harmony with the specific biodiversity of each region of intervention.

Each region or sector has its own biodiversity and microcosm, requiring scrupulous consideration.

Forests can be affected by different threats such as diseases, bark beetles (insects) and ash blight (fungus), also by natural disasters such as storms, fires or thunderstorms and of course climate change.

Tree planting is often neglected, carried out minimally, often poorly executed without respect for biodiversity or the microcosm (often in the form of monocultures).

In practice?

We adapt our services to your expectations.

All our grants are awarded to projects locally in France, our ethics are focused on an entire local ecosystem.

Depending on the number of trees or the budget you have set, Delta Forest Eco Project is committed to providing you with a complete, turnkey project.

After the project is completed, we will provide you with communication materials, the right to use the Delta Forest logo and brand on your website, and your logo on our partner page. This will include video captured by drone, geolocated markers, specific information on the plot of the partner who participated in the project and monitoring relating to the subsidized plot.