First of all,
who is Delta Forest?

First of all,
who is Delta Forest?

Gregory DE BIE

The story began when Gregory De Bie, one of the founders of Delta Forest, developed a strong affinity for nature at the age of 18. He undertook a trip around the world with the main mission of planting trees.
After more than a decade planting more than 1.3 million trees in 7 countries around the world, Gregory decided to turn his passion into his profession.

From a site manager to a works director within various French and European companies, during his professional career, he had the opportunity to cross paths with François KIEFFER.

François KIEFFER

François KIEFFER, was a forestry equipment representative for 3 years then founder of K2T, a company specializing in forestry work. He was able to develop his business which today with 10 years of experience, has become a company recognized in the Grand Est for its professionalism.

Guided by common values ​​and a shared passion for their profession, they opted to merge their skills and expertise, thus giving birth to a unique entity: Delta Forest.





10 years

of experience

What is Delta Forest ?

At Delta Forest, our expertise lies in tree planting and reforestation, serving the preservation of our environment.

We focus our efforts on three main areas:

Soil Preparation

Soil Treatment

(Soil grinding, stump grinding, stone grinding, surface grinding)
The process of grinding vegetation and stumps promotes decomposition, providing the soil with a natural nitrogen-rich fertilizer. This phase is of crucial importance to ensure optimal and sustainable growth of plants in the long term.

Mowing and clearing

Mowing and clearing is of great importance in ensuring the cleanliness of the land, freeing up space while reducing the potential risks of spreading forest fires.
These vegetation management operations also help to promote biodiversity by creating more varied habitats for local wildlife. In addition, they improve the security of forest areas, which is essential for the preservation of these fragile ecosystems.

Tree Planting

Planting is at the heart of what we do, whether for woodland creation or for reforestation.
We provide personalized advice to our clients regarding the choice of the most appropriate tree species, taking into consideration geographic location, soil characteristics, the impacts of climate change, and especially local biodiversity.
Each project we undertake is unique and tailor-made, taking into account all these parameters to guarantee sustainable and efficient development.

With our passion for our profession, we are committed to providing exceptional results thanks to teams of qualified planters driven by the same passion.
Depending on the needs of the project, one or more teams are mobilized and supervised by a team leader responsible for ensuring compliance with agreed parameters.
At the end of each project, our project director carries out rigorous validation procedures to check the quality of the planting, rows of trees, spacing between plants and species used.

(All our plants come from local nurseries with a certificate of provenance.)

Maintenance of young forests and monitoring

Maintaining the trees we plant often requires various interventions aimed at ensuring their growth and health.
Our range of services includes clearing planted areas, clearing bushes, replacing plants (by replanting), as well as measures to combat the invasion of forest clematis.