Delta Forest: Reforestation professional in Iceland and France

Delta Forest: Reforestation professional in Iceland and France

An Ecological Vision Without Borders

Iceland : A Natural Laboratory for Reforestation

Iceland, Land of Ecological Challenges

Iceland, with its lunar landscapes, active volcanoes and towering glaciers, is a unique ecosystem where Delta Forest deploys its reforestation efforts. Our presence in Iceland is testimony to our commitment to tackling the toughest ecological challenges. In this natural laboratory, our teams specialized in forest ecology work to restore birefringent forests, essential to climate balance and local biodiversity.e.

Advanced Techniques for a Demanding Environment

Reforestation in Iceland requires advanced techniques adapted to its subarctic climate. We use drones to map planting areas and select the most resilient tree species. Our approach is scientific, but also respectful of Icelandic traditions and ancestral knowledge.

Our Roots in France

France, Beating Heart of Delta Forest

France is not only the cradle of Delta Forest, it is also a field of action where biodiversity abounds. From century-old oak forests to ancestral beech groves, our mission in France is to preserve and enrich these forest ecosystems which make up the richness of our natural heritage.

In France, Delta Forest is involved in reforestation projects that aim to strengthen the resilience of forests to climate change, restore habitats for wildlife and maintain the health of ecosystems. Our actions are local, but the impact is global, because each tree planted contributes to the fight against global warming.

A Global Reach

From Iceland to France: A Commitment without Borders

Our work knows no geographical limits. Delta Forest is driven by a global mission: that of reforesting the planet and fighting deforestation. Whether on the volcanic lands of Iceland or in the green valleys of France, our mission remains the same.

Diversified Projects for a Sustainable Future

We carry out diverse projects, ranging from planting native trees to creating ecological corridors for wildlife. Each project is a piece of the puzzle in creating a sustainable future and a world where man lives in harmony with nature.

Join Our Movement

A Call to Action for Reforestation

We invite everyone to join our movement. Whether you are an individual passionate about nature, a company aware of its ecological footprint or a local community, your contribution is valuable.

How to participate ?

  • Become a Volunteer: Join our teams in the field and experience tree planting.
  • Engage your Business: Collaborate with us on corporate reforestation projects and show your commitment to the planet.


A Commitment to Future Generations

At Delta Forest, we are convinced that reforestation is one of the keys to a sustainable future. In Iceland as in France, and everywhere else, we pursue our mission with passion and determination. Join us in this ecological adventure and together, let’s make reforestation a reality for future generations.